Denis Waitley is a heavyweight in the world of motivational speakers. And The Psychology of Winning Summary is his best-known and. P.O.W. - The Psychology of Winning - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text In The Psychology o Winning, author-narrator Denis Waitley offers simple, yet. Ten Qualities of a Total Winner. Denis Waitley's been rockin' the self- development world for several decades now and captures a lot of his Download PDF.

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The Psychology of Winning will teach you how to program your mind for success and of success that you can master with your personal coach, Denis Waitley. The Psychology Of Winning Denis Waitley Read Download PDF/Audiobook. File Name: The Psychology Of Winning Denis Waitley Total Downloads: The Psychology of Winning: Ten Qualities of a Total Winner [Denis Waitley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Read this book, follow the.

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Please try again later. Hardcover Verified download. This was such a great read. The book was written over 30 years ago but I felt like he was talking to me clearly and loudly today.

So many parts of the book where things that I have thought about all the things that I have thought of before and I love the way he looks at life. I believe the summaries at the end of each chapter are a good practical steps to actually activate some of his ideas in life, and there are so many good nuggets of advice in this book.

I am definitely going to refer to this book every now and then and when I read it it helped lift my mood and I feel like I have a bit more direction or purpose. I would definitely recommend this book to people from all walks of life. Mass Market Paperback Verified download.

The Psychology of Winning is a book that has changed my life. For some people, parents or other relatives instill these values in their children from early on so a book like this is not necessary for them. But for those of us who come from disadvantaged circumstances, this book is monumental. But now in my early 20's and discovering self teaching, i have came across books that have made enormous impacts on my life.

W is one for the records, Dennis breaks down Ten Traits, and how these traits will help you to win in life. The truth is if you listen, and apply his wisdom you will see the change in your life. My favorite chapter is Chapter -2 Self Esteem, by applying and understating this chapter, I have had the courage to ask for a promotion and receive it, ask out a girl I have had my eye on for months, as well as give up partying and wasting time with friends who don't add to my life.

I've heard him speak, and I decided to get one of the books he's written. I believe he wrote this book before he became rich and famous. He has information which is still pertinent regarding how to succeed in business, but also as a positive, nice person. I liked his philosophy about how to treat others who cross his path.

In person, he was humble and seemed genuine. Audible Audiobook Verified download. Nothing earth-shattering stuff, it is standard motivational speech following the same lines as Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill and David Schwartz. The voice is soft and soothing and makes it easier on my ears.

Sometimes I even fall asleep while listening to it, LOL. Audio CD Verified download. This is the abridged version of the tapes. Winners see their total person in such a fully-formed perspective that they literally become part of the "big picture" of life -and it of them.

They know themselves intimately. They see themselves through others' eyes. They feel as one with nature and the universe. Winners create other winners without exploiting them.

The psychology of winning

Winners live in harmony with their loved ones, their friends and their communities. Winners practice the double-win attitude: Self-dimensionfitting in-draws upon the spiritual power woven intricately into every fiber of our being. Winners understand the mortality of their bodies, and are able to age gracefully. They don't necessarily accept death as the final gun in the game of life, but as a transition they may never fully comprehend, yet do not fear.

Winners plant shade trees under which they know they'll never sit. A Wmer's self-talk: Spend time listening to and giving encouragement to an elder each week.

Make a contribution to something or someone for which there is no direct payoff o r obligation. This Saturday do something you have wanted to do for years. And repeat this process once each month. Experiment with five or six hours sleep per night, while being kind to your body with good nutrition and exercise.

Over a lifetime, the additional productive hours available amount to 12 more years of life. Treat people more like brothers and sisters.

Treat animals more like people. Treat nature more carefully and tenderly -she is precariously balancing our future survival.

Tonight kiss a child goodnight with an added, "You are so special and I love you for who you are. Tell a parent or relative in person or by phone how much he or she means to you today.

Learn one or two additional languages and study the customs and mores of other countries you plan to visit. When you travel, speak in the native tongue a much as possible.

The s added dimension will benefit you and those you meet,. Self-honesty, empathy, openess Antonyms: Dishonesty, insensitivity, "tunnel vision" Proverb: Winners know who they are, what they believe, the role in life they fill, their great personal potential -and future roles and goals marlung fulfillment of that potential. They are constantly adding to their knowledge through experience, insight, feedback and judgment.

They not only continuously "play from strength" in the game of life, but also correct weaknesses and avoid errors.

Their judgments are marked by an extreme honesty. They don't kid others o r themselves. Make this your moment of truth. You've been selling yourself l short al your life. You have the opportunity to experience more environmental, physical and mental abundance than you could use in ten lifetimes. Open your eyes t o the available possibilities and alternatives. Change your attitude and your lifestyle, and your many environments will automatically change. Understand your uniqueness.

Appreciate others' differences. Relax and learn to respond positively to stress. Change for the better what can be changed. Remove negative influences that can't be changed.

Adapt to those negative influences that cannot be changed or removed. A Wmner's self-talk: I with eye holes cut out over your head. Talk about an extraordinary expesience!

Take 15 precious minutes each day for you alone. Inhale from the pelvis and stomach up into your lungs. Exhale slowly. Meditate and let go as if you were lying in the center of a waterbed the size of a football field. Float freely, aware that your life belongs to you and all that exists in it is seen out of your eyes and experienced by your mind and body.

Schedule a comprehensive annual physical with your physician or a reputable clinic. Get a prevention check and tune-up. Don't wait for the flat tire, engine knock, or dead battery. Break routines. Get out of that comfortable rut.

Unplug the TV for a month. Look for and speak the truth.

Don't let ads and fads make you one of the countless victims of greed. When you read, hear or see something that impresses you-check the source and the credentials. View everything with openminded skepticism. Open-minded enough to explore it without prejudice. And skeptical enough to research and test its validity. Take the first three liabilities and plan an activity to improve them. Forget about the rest of the liabilities. Relish and dwell on your best assets. They'll take you anywhere you want to go in life!

Look at yourself through other people's eyes.

Imagine being your parent. Be aware of children and the elderly. Remember that childhood is a wonderful, special classroom in which an adult is developed. Listen to their dreams.

Ask for opinions and reactions of the elderly. Remember that becoming elderly is inevitable. It's a question of positive self-awareness whether you get old or become mature. Be empathetic. Learn how others feel and consider where they are coming from before criticizing or passing judgment.

Even if you can't feel for everyone you meet, be certain that you feel with every living thing you encounter. It's the key to positive selfawareness. Look at yourself objectively through your own eyes. This is easier said than done. Communicative, supportive, impressive Antonyms: Aloof, unfriendly, unkempt Proverb: Winners practice positive selfprojection.

They project their best selves every day in the way they look, walk, talk, listen, and react. Winners are aware that first impressions are powerful and that interpersonal relationships can be won or lost in about the first four minutes of conversation. Winners say "1'11 make them glad they talked with me. Winners know paying value to others is the greatest communication skill of a l l.

Project a pmitive self-image. Projed your creative imagination and always present a positive preview of your coming attractions with vivid descriptions. Project positive self-direction. Put your goals down. Project positive self-discipline. Talk to yourself over and over again when you are relaxed, visualizing yourself in the act of enjoying and completing each of your current goals.

Complete the projects you begin. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. If you are alive and enjoy some degree of health, you've got it made. Try looking at yourself through others' eyes. Project positive self-esteem.

Get that deep down feeling of your own worth and pass it along to others. Talk yourself and others up. Project positive self-control. Project an image of responsibility by making your own luck through preparation and affirmative action. Project positive self-motivation. Motivate yourself and others by focusing on the rewards of success, forgetting the penalties of failure. Project positive self-expectancy.

Your enthusiasm will be wonderfully contagious and infect almost everyone it touches.

Project positive self-projection. Don't just listen t o The Psychology of W h n i n g as another tape program. Go out and do it! Flag for inappropriate content.

Related titles. Robert Anthony - Secrets of Rapid Manifestation. Anthony Robbins - Mastering Influence Manual p. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Think well of your health.

Cure the curable. Prevent the preventable. Eqjoy the rest. When tension or anxiety enter, it's your signal to lower the tone and pitch of your voice; to breath slowly and deeply; to sit back and relax 4.

Unselective television viewing breeds tunnel vision and the creative imagination will vanish. Determine annual savings and investment yields you must generate from now on to build the assets to provide the income you need. Create your own best horoscope, listing positive alternatives t o habits that you seriously want to change. If you performed well, your self-talk should be 9. Read book digests so you can share all the best sellers. If you usually shower, take a bath instead. Imagine working as your employee.

Project positive self-dimension. Project your- 5. Documents Similar To P. Carmen Ionescu. Diego De Souza. Sam Stanley. Toomas Ender. Anisoara Any. Sasha Zamboni. Michael Decker. Renato Alves.

The Psychology of Winning Summary

Cristina Stoian. Emette E. Simon and Schuster. Nathan Choo. Joseph Dakdan. Govind P Vilasan. Junior Kalonji. Ragnar Danneskjold. Mountain Goat II. BZ Riger. Track and Trace Committee. Popular in Belief.Andy Fuehl Asara Lovejoy Dr. In The Psychology of Winning , you'll learn how to: And O. Alternative Wellness. Use a pocket week-at-a-glance type calender and set activities for next week that will help acheive your monthly goals. Customer Service and Sales We take pride in our fast and courteous customer service.

Denis Waitley Denis E. It is especially noticeable on cross-country trips aboard commercial airliners where the parents are not able to exert enough control to even keep seat belts on their kids long enough for take-off and landing. You can be tempted away from it easily — winning is always much more difficult than giving up. Like astronauts, championship athletes and skilled surgeons, winners practice flawless techniques in their minds over and over again.