entertaining.” She winked at the bartender, probably hoping to score some free sodas. “But we're your friends. You should come dance. Shouldn't she, Jess?”. The New York Times bestseller is now a major motion picture! Seventeen-year- old Bianca Piper may not be the prettiest girl in her high school, but she has a. keplinger - the duff designated ugly pdf the duff is a american teen worse, she likes it. free download here - pdfsdocuments2 - duff kody free.

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But he had a way of making my heart race and my head spin. Then, of course, Bianca had to compare Toby and Wesley to Linton and Heathcliff, which is really just very unfair. Some annoying dialogue aside, the writing itself is decent, but there is something about this story, the relationships in it and the way it portrays feminism which is incredibly immature. When I was in my mid-to-late teens, I had discovered feminism but wasn't quite sure what it meant in practice.

After writing essays on Margaret Atwood novels, I'd decided I was a feminist but it took years and my time at college to fully understand it.

While I was in high school, I hated double standards and yet was probably guilty of believing in some of them. Stereotypes had been drilled into my brain and I often forgot how stupid they were.

I wanted to be a feminist; I wanted to write a great piece of feminist literature; and yet, I still succumbed to my own internalized misogyny. This book feels like it was written by someone with the same issues.

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First example: Every girl drools over the hot guys except our narrator. I'm glad that later in the book she learns not to have disdain for them, but it doesn't change the fact that these girls are characterized by their constant thrusting of their breasts into the boys' faces.

Second example: Wesley tells Bianca she is a not a slut because she's just confused and we all make mistakes.

I initially appreciated the way the author portrayed teen sexuality without turning it into a lesson Why can't she just enjoy sex and not be a slut? Suddenly Bianca realizes with absolute horror that she's falling for the guy she thought she hated more than anyone. Poppy Publication Date: She grew up in a small town in Kentucky, where she began her writing career. When she isn't writing, she We want your feedback! Click here. See all customer images.

Read reviews that mention high school ugly fat designated ugly fat friend kody keplinger wesley rush young adult even though best friends duff stands for designated casey and jessica really enjoyed bianca piper group of friends quick read home life like the duff bianca and wesley self esteem fun read.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. site Edition Verified download. My original thoughts of this book were not good -- it's very teeny bopper even more so than most of the YA books that I read , but it did grow on me a little. I had a hard time liking any of the characters, and I still don't exactly understand the choices made in this book, but I'll admit that I kept reading.

You can predict pretty much everything that is going to happen from the start of the book. Bianca is a grumpy girl who hangs out with the popular kids, but doesn't seem to think that she belongs when she is obviously not as pretty as everyone else which is weird, considering her mom lectures people professionally about loving yourself.

Half the things she does in this book don't make sense.

It's like she's just not thinking at all, but thinking too much at the same time. I understand that the author was in her teens when she wrote this, so the seemingly random actions of the main character compared with the rash decisions makes more sense.

The random introduction to Wuthering Heights nearing the end of the book paired with Bianca's end decision seems also a little silly. It's like Keplinger really wanted this book to be an insightful, feminist, unique take on relationships in high school, but it ended up just being overly predictable. Again, I won't lie and say that I didn't like it. I was intrigued, and still wanted to finish.

Wesley seemed extremely attractive to me, being that he's a jerk, but giving the opposing love interest a bowl cut and making him wear blazers to school just seems like a little much. I am interested in seeing how the movie interpreted the characters, but judging from the cover, it looks a LOT different. One person found this helpful.

Paperback Verified download. I loved this book!! Like seriously, I kind of can't believe how much I loved a book that literally means "ugly fat friend". Over the years I've seen this book in passing, in the library, bookstores, and lists titled "Best Book Boyfriends". I never picked it up because come on.

Look at the title. Now look at the cover.

Based on those two things, would you read it? Well this is an extreme case of don't judge a book by its cover Bianca is a cynical girl, but her friends don't mind it.


They love her for who she is. One night when all three are out, Bianca finds herself near the school manwhore Wesley, who proceeds to educate her on the fact that she is the Duff.

Designated Ugly Fat Friend. This title makes Bianca's head spin, and she goes into a small identity crisis. On top of that, things aren't so good with her parents and her life around her is falling apart.

Assigned to work on a project together, Bianca and Wesley end up having a secret friends with benefits relationship, both trying to escape their crappy real lives. As I stated before, I loved this book.

Because it surprised me.

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Bianca was a character I loved so much. She was ridiculously cynical, and I guess maybe I am too because most of the time when she would say something, I'd be sitting there nodding my head and going "hey, I would say that! For example: I bet you more people contract syphilis on Valentine's Day than on any other day of the year. What a cause for celebration. Bianca's parents were going through a divorce and her dad was becoming less and less present, and she didn't know how to deal with it.

Bianca's former jerk of an ex-boyfriend shows up in town with his new fiance. Wesley's parents are always gone and his crone of a grandmother won't let him see his sister. Lots of teen drama rama. The other things that surprised me about this book? There was so much sex!

Like from the beginning. Would you look at this hot pink and yellow cover and think you were in for a large round of young adult fade to black? Not me! It was kind of refreshing to read a teen book and have it be realistic about what teens are experiencing in real life.

And Wesley. Like, he was such a freaking jerk in the beginning, but like Bianca, the more I saw him in the book I couldn't help but swoon over his arrogant butt. I agree with the list, he's a great book boyfriend. I'm the same way. But, I encourage you to ignore the title and cover, and to read this gem of a book.

Wow, did all the other reviewers here read the same book that I did? I mean, I suppose I have nothing but good things to say about Kody Keplinger herself.

I've looked at her blog and her website, and she's obviously smart, witty, and personable. She's a gifted writer - "The Duff" was accepted for publication when she was seventeen years old! I'm excited to see how she develops as a writer in the future.

Her second novel, "Shut Out," a modern high-school version of Aristophanes' "Lysistrata," is definitely on my to-read list, and I'm even intrigued by the published plot description for "Lying Out Loud," a semi-sequel "companion" to "The Duff" coming out later this year.

That said, I can't honestly recommend "The Duff," at least not to anyone within its target audience. I can't discuss why without getting into some pretty heavy spoilers eventually - some of the most problematic content appears on literally the last page of the novel - so be forewarned.

The novel opens with the protagonist, Bianca Piper, sipping a Cherry Coke and watching her friends dance at a local teen hotspot, when Wesley Rush, "the most disgusting womanizing playboy to ever darken the doorstep of Hamilton High," approaches her to start a conversation. She assumes he's hitting on her, and she isn't the least bit interested: He informs her that "every group of friends has a weak link, a Duff," the Designated Ugly Fat Friend. So by talking to you right now I am doubling my chances of getting laid tonight.

Please assist me here, and just pretend to enjoy the conversation.

The next day, however, her friends want to go dancing again, and Bianca agrees to come along just to distract herself from the drama of her recovering-alcoholic father and increasingly-absent mother and their obviously crumbling marriage.Romance Young Adult Fiction.

Word Wise: See all Editorial Reviews. The novel opens with the protagonist, Bianca Piper, sipping a Cherry Coke and watching her friends dance at a local teen hotspot, when Wesley Rush, "the most disgusting womanizing playboy to ever darken the doorstep of Hamilton High," approaches her to start a conversation. Bianca was a character I loved so much. English ASIN: It is meticulously researched and sensible, but it avoids impenetrable theory and instead embraces the fun of clothes, makeup, and life in general.

Until it all goes horribly awry.